The Cost of Good Food

The Cost of Good Food

So maybe you’d like to lose some weight, but do you ever feel like all the healthy food is just way more expensive?

It’s true, there are a lot of foods that are really good for you that can be very expensive. For example, leaner cuts of meat cost more, nuts, seeds and berries can be expensive as can salmon and avocado! Certainly, any packaged “health” foods are also expensive. You’ll be paying for those low fat or no sugar alternatives.

It’s also more cost-effective to make meals for large families which are based around a carbohydrate, like bread, potato, pasta or rice, am I right? And just when the whole world seems to be cutting out carbs! So what’s a person to do!? Should we just give up and leave slim figures to those that can afford it?  NEVER! It is absolutely possible to eat well on a budget, you just have to get a little bit creative with it and plan your shopping.

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