Is Snacking Healthy?

Healthy Snack

There are two approaches to snacking. One – just eat your three meals and nothing in between. This approach implies that it’s good to have a set routine and if you feel hungry between meals, then it won’t be that long until the next one and you should wait. It implies self control and also requires that the meals you eat are adequate in terms of nutrition and caloric intake. If you have good self control and no cravings, this might work for you.

The other approach is that in order to not get too hungry and then eat too much because you’re starving, you should top up in between meals with healthy snacks to keep your energy and your blood sugar balanced and relatively even, throughout the day. This approach means you will have a moderate and yet steady supply of energy, therefore keeping your from over-indulging or losing control and making choices you’re later not happy with.¬†Each person will find that one or the other approach works best for them. Only you can decide which approach works best for you. I can help you to work through this process. If you’d like some help to decide which approach works best for you, your lifestyle and your metabolism, then check out my programmes and packages here.

What Makes a Healthy Snack?

Snacks tend to need to be eaten on the fly, so something that can be held in the hand, like grapes or a rice cracker with peanut butter tend to work best. The number one thing to remember when choosing a healthy snack is to try to include either protein or a healthy fat in your snack. Because protein and fats are digested more slowly, they make us feel fuller for longer so are far more effective at staving off hunger than, let’s say, just a carbohydrate snack like a bun, a cookie, a piece of toast or an apple. So, try to pair up a carbohydrate with a fat or a protein. Also, remember to watch overall caloric intake for your day. Keep it small and include a drink of some kind

Healthy Snacks

There are all different kind of snacks, after school snacks, party snacks, low calorie snack, high protein snacks, snacks for kids, healthy snacks, low calorie snacks, portable snacks, evening snacks, snacks you can buy, snacks for weight loss, snacks you can put in your bag, snacks for travel and snacks for conferences. They’re all a little bit different with slightly different requirements. Theres a few ideas below. Pick a couple and see if they will become your new “Go To” healthy snack.


Weight Loss Snacks

Weight Loss Snacks


3 rice cakes with 1 tbsp peanut butter or other nut butter

A small apple with 20 grams of edam cheese

50 grams of hummus and one sliced carrot




High Protein Snacks


50 grams biltong

80 grams deli ham, roast beef or chicken wrapped around 2 fresh slices of capsicum

100 grams of cottage cheese on three thin rice crackers



After School Snacks

After School Snacks



Yoghurt, muesli and fruit parfait

1 scrambled egg, a piece of toast and an apple or orange

Peanut butter and jam on wholewheat bread





Low Calorie Snacks

Low Calorie Snacks



1/2 cup berries with 2 tbsp Greek yoghurt

10-15 almonds and an herbal tea

30 grapes




Low Carb Snacks

Low Carb Snacks



1/2 avocado and small tomato diced and served with 100 grams cottage cheese

50 grams smoked salmon served with 1 tbsp low fat creamed cheese on cucumber rounds

2 soft boiled eggs





Try some of the above snacks and see which ones work for you! If you have different food preferences, just hit me up for an appointment. For a look at my rates and packages, click here.









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