Sheryl Takayama (2018)

I have worked with Rosanne for the past 2 ½ years because she is an amazing source of knowledge, advice and encouragement.  Rosanne’s strength is the expert knowledge she has in all key areas:  exercise, nutrition as well as mindset coaching.

She has given me great tools and strategies I have been able to implement to help achieve weight loss and she is constantly coming up with new ideas which help me overcome challenges along the way.

Rosanne suggested I join the ProCoach programme and that has been a great ongoing source of information, ideas and inspiration. I love working with Rosanne and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to increase their fitness, lose weight or improve their health.


Olivier Delagne    (2017)

I went to see Rosanne in order to get back in shape and most importantly to get educated on how to improve my eating habits and lifestyle.

It’s been fantastic working with Rosanne, and the results were astonishing.

The schedule of weight loss she has done for me during our first session turned out to be accurate and spot on at each appointment along the time frame. Changing my habits has been very natural and easy and I’ve never had to force myself thanks to Rosanne’s experience in building customized eating plans.

I’m very happy with what I’ve learned, and I am now able to keep going on my own. I’ve made a lot of improvements in my eating habits, I have more energy during my busy, long work day and it simply makes me happier. Good nutrition truly is the beginning of happiness and I highly recommend Rosanne to help anyone on that path.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Rosanne, I am very thankful for her help!


Linda Matuschka (2016)

I went to see Rosanne in 2016 looking for some structure around my eating, and to lose a few kilos. Working with Rosanne, I achieved on both counts in a short amount of time. Rosanne worked with me to come up with an eating plan that was doable and fitted in well with my schedule.

What I really liked was the way she leveraged and tweaked my existing diet  so that I didn’t feel like I was having to make radical changes. I am so grateful for the awareness I now have around what foods work well for me, and how much and how often I should be eating.  Thanks so much Rosanne for your expertise and your sound, practical advice.


Nicolay Tomov (2016)

After researching on the internet and watching confusing videos I decided to find a professional who could help me with my nutrition plan and this is when I found Rosanne.

I was going to the gym and trying different things. I read about lots of ideas but didn’t make very good progress. I started to wonder if the information I was reading and the things my friends were telling me might not be the best plan for me. Rosanne clarified things for me and separated the truth from the nutrition “myths”.

Since coming to see Rosanne, I have changed my way of eating dramatically and I now eat mostly really healthy foods. I still have the odd treat or cheat meal, but I enjoy the healthy food I eat now and find it gives me energy for my workouts.

I have lost 15 kgs and 5% body fat so far and I’m still committed to my new lifestyle as I feel better and have a lot more energy. Rosanne has never asked me to quit drinking or make any changes I was not comfortable with and this had made the process easy.

Most importantly, my new eating habits have influenced my family and they are creating new healthy habits a well. I actually brought both of my sons in for sessions to see Rosanne and they are making changes too, which is important because my younger son is a competitive swimmer.

It’s been great to get some sound advice and to be able to separate fact from fiction. I would definitely recommend Rosanne if you are looking to improve your health and fitness, your body composition and to manage your weight.


Sarah Page (2017)

After several years of weight gain, unsuccessful dieting and feeling self-conscious about being overweight I started having appointments with Rosanne along with my son. She has been amazing.

She has given us the support and knowledge to change our lives. I have lost over 10kg and kept it off for over a year. I am now able to look and feel great. I am much more energetic and I can now fully participate in life! I recently got back on a horse, a dream I would not have thought possible.

The coaching sessions have also helped my son achieve his goals. He has lost 15 kg and achieved his career goal by passing the physical exam to enter the Navy.

The support and strategies you have taught us have made such a positive long-term difference to our lives and we are extremely grateful to you.



Nick Luxford (2016)

Over the last few years I have been trying to get my body into shape, going to the gym, alternating work outs and I had tried every supplement under the sun.

I did get results but couldn’t shift my body fat especially around my stomach. At the time I thought I was eating really well. I was trying everything Google and my friends told me to do.

As a last ditch effort, I booked in to see Rosanne.  I went for my consult. We had a chat, talked about my goals and I had my body composition measurements taken. The meal plan she gave me made life easier, I knew exactly what to eat, how much and when. I still had to work hard but at least I knew I wasn’t cancelling out the work I had done with the wrong food. And the best thing was, I started to see results.

I’ll continue to use the ideas and strategies around food that Rosanne has taught me. I found the follow up appointments with Rosanne just as beneficial as the first. She keeps you motivated and on track. If you are looking to change your body shape, get fit or just feel better I highly recommend seeing Rosanne.


Monique McRae (October 2018)

Right from my early teens, I’ve always struggled with very low iron and with my body image.

I started seeing Rosanne 6 months ago. She taught me strategies to increase my iron absorption and continue to monitor my snacking throughout the day.

Rosanne and I worked together on my workout plan as I’m a keen exerciser – she taught me that half an hour was enough and to not feel bad about not doing more than that! Previously I’d been an over exerciser which resulted in injuries.

Rosanne and I worked with my sweet cravings and worked to build in strategies to address this issue.

I found the chat with Rosanne the best as this was a good chance for us to check in, talk about the week, have some accountability and make sure I was on track. She also made tweaks if things weren’t quite working.

My iron levels went from 3 to 26 in a month.


Emma Wolf (2017)

I would highly recommend Rosanne for all your nutrition needs. I had the idea to see a nutritionist when I fell pregnant with my second child. The aim was to not put in as much weight as I had with my first. (25kg)

With Rosanne’s guidance I achieved this only putting on 16kg and then lost it all + was back down to my ideal weight within 9 months of my daughter being born. Throughout my pregnancy I learned about meal planning, nutritional benefits for myself and growing baby, how and when to increase dietary intake according to the trimesters.

I love food and I found that post pregnancy I learned not about dieting but about healthy living. It was a lifestyle shift rather than a phase or race to loose weight. The progress was slow and steady. Once I started exercising combined with the nutritional advice the weight really dropped off. I’m still down around my ideal weight and it’s been a year since we last met.

Rosanne was very supportive, a lovely person and shared many great recipe ideas. I would highly recommended her!


Alex Tomov (2017)

After a strong recommendation from my father to see Rosanne I went in with high hopes to start my weight loss journey.

Rosanne gave me a plan but more importantly she gave me the confidence to lose the weight I so much wanted to lose, Rosanne was supportive in every session. She offered several healthy options for everything so I didn’t have to miss out on the things I enjoyed.

After going to Rosanne for 14 months, I have lost 34kg and gained 4kg in muscle, I look forward to each appointment with Rosanne as I always learn something new and any questions I have are answered thoroughly.

Thank you Rosanne for being so friendly, supportive and informative. You have changed my life style for better and have paved a path for my success.


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