Issues I Can Help You With:

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Let’s take a look at how you eat right now and put into place some simple, achievable strategies that will help you reach your goals. We’ll find ways that will work for your body, your food preferences, your metabolism and lifestyle. We can decide on some changes to your routine that will be sustainable, not a diet, but a whole new way of approaching food and nutrition. Check out the “Get Stuck In” package or “ProCoach” my online programme.

Do you experience pain and discomfort on a regular basis? Do you have an intolerance, or think you might have one? Sometimes it’s really useful to have someone help you navigate through the tricky process of identifying and eliminating certain types of foods from your diet without compromising on health.

I’ve been involved in resistance training for many years and have helped heaps of clients improve their body composition. Last year, I entered the NZIFBB bikini division and won a third in novice and a first in the master’s category. If you are looking to increase muscle mass, get leaner or improve your body composition for a fitter look, I can help you. And, it doesn’t have to be painful or extreme! I promise.  ????



Are you an athlete working toward a competition or just curious to see if you can improve your performance? I can help by optimising your intake in terms of hydration, macronutrient balance and nutrient timing. I’m a keen sportswoman so I know all about the essential role nutrition plays in performance. Let’s get you a routine that works for you and feeling your absolute best well before your competition date! Get that performance edge that could win you the race, get you your personal best or give you the edge you need over your competition.


Using food as a way of avoid uncomfortable feelings, boredom or anxiety is really common. Most people have found themselves holding an empty bag of chips and wondering how that happened, or turning to a sweet treat to help deal with feelings of anxiety or stress. I’ve certainly turned to food during stressful or emotional times and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are ways to change your habits and to replace unhealthy ones with new, healthy ones; to take control of your eating behaviours and nurture and care for yourself so that you wake up feeling amazing every day. Commit some to you and sign up for one of my packages.

I’ve been through menopause and know the challenges it can create. The hot flushes, the sudden weight gain, and many others. It can be tough, that’s for sure, but there are ways of coping and improving your hormonal profile by eating certain foods and staying active. Fight it, don’t let this life transition rule you. You can be over 40 and fabulous!

If you’re a vegetarian or pescatarian and into sports or just wanting to make sure you have all the nutritional bases covered, we can set you up with some basic skills that will ensure you’re getting enough protein, iron and B vitamins in a variety of delicious foods. Why not “Get Stuck In” with some fabulous, easy recipes and a plan for your lifestyle and eating philosophy?


It’s been shown statistically, that eating behaviour is highly contagious. I love watching my clients transform their lifestyles and improve their health and vitality, but when it’s a an entire family, well that just makes my day! I have two kids of my own and I know the challenges involved in parenting. What to give them for lunch, picky eaters, how to fit in a nutritious dinner when they have sports..? When everyone is involved and working together, then you will be much more likely to keep those habits for a lifetime. It’s a great gift to give your children or your spouse. If you think your family could use a bit of friendly advice or practical solutions, try the “Extreme Make-Over” package and I’ll visit your home for our meetings, or if you prefer, we can do them via Skype.


Are you stressed at work and do you wake up lethargic? Or do you carry extra weight around your midsection? Perhaps you know that your diet and lifestyle is not great, but can’t find the time to even to think about it, never mind fix it? Many of my clients have faced the same challenges.  Making little tweaks to your intake and your routine can make a massive difference to how you feel. Too busy to think…? Let me do it for you. Try the “Get Stuck In” package which includes four meetings or the “One Change” meeting for some quick “tweaks” to your lifestyle habits.

Perhaps you’ve had helpful family members say to you, “You’re eating for two, now, so why not indulge a little!”? Well, unfortunately, that’s not really true and really not helpful. You have different energy requirements during each trimester of your pregnancy. It’s best to optimise your nutrition throughout your pregnancy so that you don’t end up with extra baby weight that could be a challenge to get rid of later on. I’ve helped many new mums, not only avoid gaining extra weight, but coming out of their pregnancy feeling and looking better than ever before. Not only is your nutrition important for you, but it is essential for the healthy growth and development for your baby as well. You deserve to take care of yourself AND your baby during this important time. You can buy a package like “Get Stuck In” and schedule the appointments as you like or simply “Pay As You Go“. Have a look at how well Emma did with her pregnancy nutrition here.