Store to Door

It's like a having personal shopper, but for food!

Let me do your shopping for you! This personalised online shopping service can be added to an initial “Pay-As-You-Go” appointment, or the ‘Get Stuck In’ or the ‘Extreme Make-Over’ packages.

Your meal plan ingredients delivered to your door

As usual, you would meet with me in person to discuss your needs, your food preferences, your time limitations, your dietary preferences and your personal goals. Then we would decide together on some tweaks to your current way of eating or some new recipes you’d like try out and put together a simple plan going forward.

Then, if you opt to add on the ‘Store to Door’ service I will set up an online shopping account for you at Countdown and input all of the ingredients you need for your meal plan recipes and any new foods or snacks to get you started. This list will then be available to you forever – A one-step seamless and super convenient way for you to reach your health and wellness goals. There’s one thing that never fails: You WILL eat what you have in your cupboard. So, let’s optimise your cupboards. 

Available now for just $95 when added to the ‘Get Stuck In’ or ‘Extreme Make-over’ packages or the ‘Pay as You Go’ initial appointment. 

Just book in for a regular appointment or package and then let me know if you’d like to have the online shopping added for a one-stop seamless service.  

Find out if Store to Door is for you :

    We ordered 3 healthy meals from a plane about to take off from Queenstown Airport - they were on our doorstep when we got home in Auckland - Rosanne takes the hassles out of sticking to a meal plan.