Extreme Make-Over

Extreme Make-Over

Let’s get the whole family together in your own home.

An initial 60-minute appointment and two follow-up appointments of 45 minutes at your home including all the members of your household during which time we’ll discuss your family’s routine and eating habits and have a look through your cupboards! We’ll identify the challenges your family faces and come up with solid strategies to work around them. I can arm you with some recipes so that you can expand your repertoire of delicious foods that you all love. A fantastic way to bring the whole family along on the journey to a better all-around approach to planning, shopping, cooking and eating in time-restricted lifestyles.


Priced NZD$150.00 for each one-hour consultation in your home. $60/hour additional for travel time, follow up emails and phone support.

Or NZD$400 for the 3-appointment package.

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