Coaching Style

Coaching Style

We spend a big portion of each day making and eating food every day. It should be a natural, easy, fundamental aspect of our daily lives and a big part of the enjoyment we experience each day. But our lifestyles have changed so much in the past three or four generations, there has become a disconnect and food has been pushed way down the list of priorities, along with other essential aspects of self-care and the simple joys of life. I help people re-discover the importance of food and how essential it is to health, happiness and self-care.

Clients come to me because they want to change. They want to improve their health, their energy, their performance, their weight or body composition. I help them find ways to make that change achievable and their goals, attainable, step by step.

There is a single principle underlying to the way that I approach nutrition coaching. That is, if the change is not sustainable, then don’t make it. Dial it back a bit or do something which is sustainable. The changes must be lifestyle habits, not something that is going to be done for a short while and then forgotten. It’s got to be long term. Adhering this principle guides all of my decisions about how to help my clients live healthier lives.

So, You Want to Lose Weight Fast!?

So, you might think, yes, sustainable lifestyle change is great! Nice idea, but not for me, I need to lose weight FAST! I’m sure you recall the story of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise with his consistent approach ends up winning the race because the hare is running around doing lots of different things and not looking toward the finish line. If you compare this story to so many weight loss tales, there is a correlation.

If you try to lose weight fast, you can do it, but it can become really hard to sustain if it’s too restrictive, so you go back to eating your old way and then the weight actually piles back on. In the end, you’ve actually lost, even though those quick gains might make you feel like you’ve won in the beginning. With this approach you can actually end off a lot worse than where you started. How many times have your heard someone say, oh yes, so and so did the Jenny Craig/Weight Watcher’s/ someone’s Bikini Challenge and lost heaps of weight, (but did they keep it off?)



I believe the sustainable approach is the only way, because I see what happens when people diet. “Diets” are by their very nature short-term solutions: something you do and then at some point, stop doing. Diets help people to lose weight fast and when they do, generally they will lose at least half the weight in lean mass and half in fatty mass. The faster the weight loss, the more lean mass that might be lost. This is important, because when the weight is put back on, (i.e. when they stop the diet) particularly when it’s done quickly, the weight that’s put back on is going to be mostly fatty mass.

“Yo-yo dieting” can lead to a less muscular physique which burns fewer and fewer calories naturally. And then, it becomes harder and harder to lose weight at all. It’s important to lose the weight at a safe rate of loss for your muscle mass and activity level. It’s important to try keep that muscle as we age, because it burns energy daily, 24 hours a day, whereas fatty mass burns almost none. That’s why you sometimes see those people that can seem to eat anything. They probably have a high metabolism driven by a healthy body composition with lots of muscle mass.


A Collaborative Approach

The changes which my clients make must also be something that they WANT to do. If they want to try a social netball league, then perfect, but if team sports are their idea of torture and humiliation, I’d help them find something they really love doing instead. It’s the same thing with food choices; it’s great to expand your palette, slowly, but a client should be eating foods that they absolutely love! There’s really no need to have a restricted diet of just broccoli and chicken. If a client finds they can’t “stick” to a regimen then maybe that eating plan is not for them. Everyone’s different. The changes we decide to make should be easy because the you want to make them. It’s a flexible, collaborative process, one that is usually heaps of fun and without pressure or deprivation.




So, my approach is not an easily defined “Fad or Elimination Diet” and is not a quick fix, but it works and more importantly, it “sticks”. It’s just like the hare and the tortoise parable. My clients are usually surprised by how enjoyable the process is and get caught up in the joy of good food and in feeding their bodies what they need and waking up feeling amazing.

Having someone to be accountable to and help guide you through the process is sometimes all that people need.

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