Feeding a “Perfect Vessel”

I became interested in nutrition when I had my first child. Babies seem like such perfect vessels, I didn’t want to compromise that by putting anything into my newborn that wasn’t the best for her. Unfortunately, by the time she was about 3 years old, she had her own ideas about what was going in. She refused to eat anything but rice, peanut butter, apples or pasta. I was desperate. If only someone had told me to just chill out, that she would be okay. But I wasn’t chilled, I was stressed and worried! I thought she might have some long-lasting effects of nutritional deficiency brought on by a peanut butter-pasta diet.

        Yo-Yo Dieting

I wanted to learn everything I could about how I could give my children the best start in life, so I decided to start a new course of study. As a Canadian, I had been raised on my fair share of processed foods like Mac’n Cheese and marshmallow sandwich spread, (yes, really!) and I had been overweight on and off over the years. Like many women, I started my first diet when I was 16. I tried the Atkins diet and lost lots of weight. Then, I went off it and lo and behold, the weight came back on! Funny how that happens. Yo-yo dieting is a typical pattern for many of us and one that one that does not serve our bodies well over time.

It’s the Sum of the Little Things that We do Every Day

Once I started applying what I had learned about how our bodies work and the direct impact that food can have on our well-being, energy, body composition, performance and mental acuity, I quickly began to reap the rewards. I love the quote by Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” I still enjoy learning new things each day about foods and how we eat and about how I can help my clients have a healthy relationship with food. Learning about this relationship is a life-long passion and one which I enjoy immensely.

Staying Active with Age

My passion for nutrition and delicious, healthy food goes hand-in-hand with my passion for exercise and sports of all kinds. I like many different sports but also believe strongly in the value of resistance training. Lifting weights is an important part of my life and something I have done consistently over many years. I encourage my clients to try new activities and discover what works for them. I like to keep fit and strong so that I can continue to play and spend time having fun outdoors with my children. Being active all year round allows me to do the sports I love, like mountain biking, climbing, kayaking or surfing, or just throwing a ball or Frisbee on the beach. I also know how important exercise is for me and many others in terms of keeping a positive frame of mind.

Body Building – Not For Everyone!

Recently, I decided to enter my first body building competition to challenge myself to work toward a goal and achieve a leaner physique. I wanted to experience first-hand this process that some of my clients were interested in and there’s nothing like first-hand knowledge to best inform. Posing on stage in a bikini at the age of 53 was definitely way out of my comfort zone. Being on stage was intimidating and scary! It was an interesting experience and I’ve come out of it with knowledge I can use for my clients. However, it’s definitely not something I would recommend for everyone. I was lucky enough to get a First in the NZIFBB masters category as well as a Third in the novice category in the first ever drug-tested all-natural body building competition in New Zealand.



Let’s Make It Simple

I love simple, whole food and think that everyone should be able to love their food and stay healthy at the same time. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world of fast food and take-aways, stress and pressure from work and family, that’s sometimes not so simple! We get stretched a bit thin and good food and taking care of ourselves can fall to the wayside. There’s a lot of false and contradictory information out there which can make it complicated too. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe! I like to simplify my client’s lives for them and help them stay trim and healthy and rediscover a love of food and how to live a more balanced lifestyle.

Not A Diet

All good nutritionists know that extreme dieting is counterproductive. Some people try so hard and make progress only to end up where they started, or sometimes, even worse off. Informed changes in your daily food choices and developing new habits little by little, step by step will result in a healthier, happier and sometimes, a whole new you!

Define Your Goals and Realise Them, Step by Step

I help my clients to clearly define their goals and collaborate with them to decide on small habits they’d like to change. Whether you want to lose weight for an upcoming event like a wedding, if you’d like to have more energy or if you are after a certain physique, if you want to be able to play with your grandchildren for years to come, I will work with you to tailor a plan that will suit your schedule and food preferences.

I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to help you stay focussed and realise your goals. Body transformation and lifestyle change absolutely IS possible, but honestly sometimes everyone needs a bit of help or accountability! I will always be honest with you and together we will break down your challenges one by one and find easy ways to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.


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